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Social structure of the Universe



Let's briefly retrace the lines of thought pursued in the Chapters “Structure of Reality” and “Origins of COMMENT”…

Life comprehends Reality exclusively through the Potential of CONCEPTUAL COMPARISON. The outcomes of that Potential will always reveal two distinct VERSIONS of Reality - the Descriptive and the Proportional…

“same / different”
“less / equal / more”

Here, the distinction between the “inanimate” and “animate” Matter provides a useful explanation of Reality's Descriptive and Proportional aspects -
For “inanimate” Matter, say “atom A”, the outcomes of COMPARISONS are -

“same /………”
“………/ equal /………”

“same as…” = “repetitive pattern” of ALL “atoms A”
“equal to…” = any property of any OTHER “atom A”

The living Matter - “cells” for example, are only “structural approximations” of one another. Here, “equal” becomes their “< less / ………/ more >” in any Context of a given “cell A”, i.e. the totality of its Proportional properties -

“same / ………”
“< less / ………/ more >”

“same as…” = “repetitive pattern” of ALL “cells A”
“< less /………/ more >” = any property of any OTHER “cell A”

This will be clearer once “< less / ………/ more >” DIVERGES throughout the entire Proportional Potential of “ least / less / equal / more / most ”…


DEGREES of “divergence” are the inverse Proportions
of the FREQUENCY of their occurrence.

This Law - governing the “divergence” of “approximations of equal” in each Descriptive Context can be symbolised numerically as the degrees of LIFE'S “functional capabilities”, for example as their “percentages” -

0 50 6
0 40 50 60 7
0 30 40 50 60 70 8
% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 %

then re-translated into the “discontinuous”, “ neutral” Proportions of -

s / equal / m
ess / equal / mor
least / less / equal / more / most

How can this “repetitive pattern” still display the “equal”? No ”comparison” of iA and iB can ever be “consistent” unless at least one ofi them retains the
role of a CONSTANT - the “equal” of that “comparison”.

Although Reality and LIFE'S “functional capabilities” are SYMMETRICAL, the INTENT of LIFE is not. The “least / less / equal / more / most”, translated into the Descriptive Context “worst / worse / equal / better / best”, will universally become the “………/………/ equal / better >/ best”. What does it mean?
In no Universe will LIFE ever deliberately INTEND to “worsen >” its situation. If by an extraordinary freak of Evolution such INTENT could have arisen - the Natural Selection would have eliminated it without delay.
Neither will LIFE be safe by maintaining the “equal” - the naturally occurring “functional capabilities” of ibetter >/ best” must likewise sweep that INTENT

… / equal / be
……. / equal / bett
……… / ……… / equal / better > / best

The above “repetitive pattern” represents the essence of LIFE - its constant search for a SURVIVAL BENEFIT. It has no option. The cutting edge of every “aggregate of LIFE” - its ibetter >/ bestisegment, shall invariably determine
that agenda by being “better >/ best” at locating those BENEFITS within the Environment and consequently - surviving the “longer >/ longest”.

All Social Existence in any Universe shall be BENEFIT-based with a seminal twist we on Earth take for granted each day - the “exchanges” of BENEFITS. Not unlike on Earth - mistaking the “< less /………/ more >” inherent in every Descriptive Context of LIFE for the “………/ equal /………” which adjudicates an EQUIVALENCE of BENEFITS being “exchanged”, will universally gnaw at the heart of Social Existence…
Yet like on Earth, after the “We're all different”, “We're all the same”, “We're better then you”, “No - we're all equal”, have been soaked in enough blood - LIFE will discover that the sole Social expression of “………/ equal /………” in any Universe is FAIRNESS and its political expression of Democracy…
The Constant of FAIRNESS is as omnipresent as that of Gravity and its sole limitation is Distance; Life obviously can't “exchange” any BENEFIT-bearing Objects on an intergalactic or interplanetary market …
But if it could - the “sentient activities” facilitating such “exchanges” would have been no “different” to those which some two million years ago created the beginnings of Language and “humanity” in the midst of primeval Africa.


Since Reality is embodied within the “repetitive patterns” of SAMENESS, it is “consistent” to postulate that nothing different from the Social Existence that
“humanity” already has - and is due to experience on Earth, is possible this or any other Universe…
From its inception, Life's progress towards Social Existence and its ultimate destination of DEMOCRACY, will be conditional on utilising the full EXTENT of Reality's Potentials of “same + different” - which then provide the Context for “less / equal / more”.
wIncidentally, the Potentials of “same + different” EXTEND beyond LIFE...
In the iContext of EXISTENCE, i“same + different” account for EVERYTHING - ( same ) which DISPLACES the “Potentially infinite” VOID of “nothingness” - ( different ).
In the Context of “connectivity”, they determine the physical make-up of any Universe. How?
It so happens some A “connect” to some B - ( same ) but iDO NOT “connect”
to some C - ( different ).
Had “all” of A, B, C, D, etc… “connected” - ( same ), the Universe jells into a solid lump of “everything” having “connected” to “everything else”…
If “none” of A, B, C, D, etc… “connected” - ( different ), the Universe diffuses throughout the vast expanse of “nothingness”. So for our Universe at least - that EXTENT is “same + different”.

Unless the duality of “conceptual” Functions within the “same + different” is recognised at the outset, it will play havoc in any Universe with Life ability to grasp Reality. The reason? The “self + different” apply “self-referentially” to their own origins - “Descriptive Reality + Proportional Reality”.
However, once the distinction between “describing what is to be measured” and “providing a measurement of what has been described” is understood,
Life shall eventually arrive at the ultimate Physical Structure of its Universe through the following AXIOMS –


These AXIOMS are touched upon in the SUMMARY of “Structure of Reality”.

Being a “repetitive pattern” of SAMENESS, Life in any Universe will share our passion for re-tracing its evolutionary footsteps. The suggestion now is that all Life will share not just the passion - but also the footsteps

1. “Nothing different” in the inception of LIFE .
LIFE is the “self-referential” LIMIT of Complexity. When Complexity expands within a single assembly, then the “greater” its expansion - the “greater” the chances of Word Potential “divide the Whole” arising to END the i“sameness
of expansion” and switch over to the “sameness of division ”… LIFE.
As a result, LIFE owes its “existence” to Complexity overreaching itself and the mechanistic drive of Matter to “expand Complexity” - ( same ), becoming the “expand + divide Complexity”, i.e. “same + different”.

2. “Nothing different” in SEXUAL REPRODUCTION.
“Sexual reproduction” is Reality's “Plan B” for expanding the Complexity of
LIFE. But here, the functionality of “different” came into prominence…
The “genetic approximations” of Life's individual “Lineage A” - hitherto only perpetuating the “same as A” through “self-reproduction”, began combining with the “different from A”, i.e. the “Lineages of B, C, D, E, F, G, H, etc…>>”.
The EFFECT? Life's Aggregate of “same + different” is now able to explore - to the MAXIMUM EXTENT, every BENEFIT- bearing nook and cranny inherent in the “same / different” structure of its Environment.
Hence LIFE able of successfully resolve the 2 Potentials, “same + different”, must supplant LIFE limited to dealing with only the “same / ………”.

3. “Nothing different” in SURPLUS.
Because “functional approximations” of LIFE are invariably a mixture of the “least / less / equal / more / most”, inherent within them is “1 approximation” the “LEAST adept” and ”1 approximation” the “MOST adept” at performing any “survival-relevant” Context.
wThe current Descriptive Context?
“Develop own SURPLUS of “Bio-mass” - so you can survive by borrowing Energy from your own reserves whenever the “Bio-mass” indispensable to that survival can't be acquired “externally”, from the adjacent Environment, in SUFFICIENT time”.
REPEAT the Context indefinitely, and LIFE the “MOST adept” at evolving a SURPLUS of Energy next to its basic “cellular structure” has to survive the LONGEST - by being able to draw on own reserves during such shortages.
In any Universe, that Context shall subsequently transform the EXCESS of “Bio-mass” SURPLUS into “Bodily Life”, which on Earth had culminated in our own Bodies.
Again, LIFE in command of the “same + different” is proving superior to its “same / ………” counterpart, i.e. LIFE relying for its survival only on chance occurrences of “Bio-mass” within the Environment

4. “Nothing different” in RESTRAINT.
In the Context of survival, “Bodily Life” is only a “concentrate of Bio-mass” extracted out of the Environment.
The method of extraction? One “Bodily Life” attacks another, consumes the “Body” iand by doing so - maintains its own “bodily structureiin SURPLUS
to survive “longer >”. A problem -
Since a SPECIES is an Aggregate of “Bodily Life”, how can it maintain itself when each member can - in principle, attack and consume any other?
By mechanistically matching Reality's “same / different” with two congruent “survival responses” - SAME and DIFFERENT…
A “species” - a “repetitive pattern” of SAMENESS maintains itself by having,
in the Context of replenishing its SURPLUS, evolved the earliest syllogisms of LIFE; “If SAME - refrain”, “If DIFFERENT - attack”.
Again, the ability to “compare” two Potentials of “same + different” allows a “species” exercising RESTRAINT to continue its journey towards all further “perceptual”, “conceptual” and “intellectual” advancement…

5. “Nothing different” in COMMENT
In any Universe, “Bodily-Life” could “exchange” some Material Objects “X” and “Y” in principle. But if such an “exchange” is to have Purpose, it must present both participants with a “survival BENEFIT”.
wIn no Universe shall those participants be “exchanging” iSAMENESS; say
“1 Stone Tool X” for “1 Stone Tool Y” indistinguishable from “X”, anymore then any “people” on Earth would ever BENEFIT from merely “exchanging” one “$ 20 note” for another “$ 20 note” between each other.
However, once the participants comprehend that Objects “X” and “Y” may provide each with “different” BENEFITS, the Potential “exchange” still has negotiate a far more formidable obstacle - the “less / equal / more”…
Since an “X” can only be “exchanged” as the MULTIPLE of “Y”, no LIFE in any Universe will willingly participate in “exchanges” which are not based on the Potential of “………/ equal /………”, providing both participants with “equal BENEFITS”.
The EQUIVALENCE of BENEFITS is embodied within our social “concept” and Word “FAIRNESS”. Why has FAIRNESS been constantly so difficult to evaluate throughout our History?
The “less / equal / more” represent only a Context-neutral base of Reality…
In other Descriptive Contexts, they translate into; “smaller / equal / larger", "slower / equal / faster", "closer / equal / further", "lighter / equal / heavier", “cooler / equal / hotter”, “shorter / equal / longer”, etc…etc… right up to the merciless hand of Natural Selection - the “weaker / equal / stronger” and its sometimes opportunistic guide - the “worse / equal / better”.
But in addition, dozens of other QUALITATIVE Contexts “diverge” between the LEAST and MOST and, because each can be “negated”, intrude into the process with a bright query; “Is it also FAIR in my Context?”
In any Universe, LIFE sensing the Potential BENEFITS of “exchange” will be looking into that Contextual Kaleidoscope for thousands of generations, entranced by its puzzling, often conflicting imagery.
Gradually, by “trial and error”, “conceptual COMMENTS” on the FAIRNESS of “exchanges” will begin to crystallize within a “proto-social” group…
When translated by its “MOST adept” individuals into “consistent” Sounds or Gestures, such “conceptual COMMENTS” give the “meaning” to the first Social Words. They in turn provide the Potential for cognate Words to arise, revealing a pathway to LANGUAGE and Social Existence.

6. “Nothing different” in IDEOLOGIES.
Far from being a facilitator of BENEFIT-bearing “exchanges”, COMMENT will prove the most contentious Potential of Social Existence. Why?

Potential “exchange” of SAME for DIFFERENT = “less? / equal? / more?” > FAIR? = “Yes / No" > "conceptual" COMMENT> linguistic COMMENT

This “repetitive pattern” is the only Social Constant out of which Language and SOCIAL EXISTENCE can arise in any Universe. But omni-present within its Potential for the BENEFITS to be EQUIVALENT - i.e. “mutually FAIR”, is a bone of contention -

“Your “exchange” is UN-FAIR”.

This COMMENT - provoked by LIFE'S continual, Evolution-driven INTENT to secure ever “more >” of SURVIVAL BENEFITS, causes its Social Evolution to subsequently revolve around a single quandary; “How can we prohibit such COMMENTS ?”
Here, only IDEOLOGIES can prevent a linguistic COMMENT from spreading itself naturally - FREELY, throughout a Society. Only IDEOLOGIES, terrified by the COMMENT of “UN-FAIRNESS” but willing to retain power at any cost, conveniently drown that Society in oppression.
There're only two means available - Violence and Language. While Violence works satisfactorily, it far too often undermines the production of “Goods of Survival”, the SURPLUS of which these “exchanges” are depending upon.
But another Potential - the fear of JUSTIFIED Violence, may also be used to crack a whip over any Society -
Here, those wanting to neutralise all claims of “UN-FAIRNESS” need only to create a “justification” that is “consistent” with their Societies' deepest and most cherished EMOTION - “survival”…
wInevitably, the “MOST adept” at controlling the Society's “exchanges” but always guided by the evolutionary EMOTIONS of “nurturing own off-spring”, will bequeath those advantages to their OWN “off-spring”. The result?
We've been BORN BETTER then you - so don't contradict our FAIRNESS”.
The IDEOLOGY of Aristocracy is not limited to distorting Social Existence on
Earth. In any Universe, the “concept” of being “BORN BETTER” shall prove to be the first EFFECTIVE “justification” of Violence against the COMMENTS of “UN-FAIRNESS”.
Its INTENT will likewise be constant; “WORK dawn till dusk - then surrender to us your SURPLUS”.
So is its implementation ; “If we're to be prosper, those daring to contradict our FAIRNESS must be persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and if necessary - killed, as “Future examples” to the REST of our Society”.

Over countless millennia, that INTENT and its implementation will be honed to perfection long before the “hypothesis” of “Afterlife”, the other dominant
IDEOLOGY of Social Existence raises its head in any Universe.
Its key EMOTION? “Survival”… But unlike the “testable”, even grudgingly acceptable IDEOLOGY of Aristocracies passing their ill-gotten BENEFITS to own “offspring” - a belief in “surviving one's own Death” is UN-TESTABLE.
As a result, the IDEOLOGIES based on that “hypothesis” must confront any COMMENT of “UN-FAIRNESS” with a greater venality then the Aristocracies would ever require for propping-up their façades of FAIRNESS.
This destructive necessity is further amplified by the NOUN-induced illusion of acting at on behalf of the “Creator of Everything” and therefore not being bound by the prevailing RESTRAINTS of Social Existence.
And when the two IDEOLOGIES co-opt one another to rule a Society - it'll be the more uncompromising “concept” of purported Divine Order - rather then of “birthright”, which will universally provide Religions the moral ground for brutalising that Society.
The INTENT? Once again; “WORK dawn till dusk - then surrender to us your SURPLUS”.

7. “Nothing different” in DEMOCRACY
What shall universally bring IDEOLOGIES to their knees? Just like on Earth - their glory days of sucking each drop of SURPLUS from Agriculture will fade away with the arrival of Industrial Revolution and its aftershock - the Secular Revolution…
The universal “repetitive pattern” for implementing Technology changes the “pattern” for Language and Social Existence, but only “functionally” -

Potential “modification” of SAME into DIFFERENT = “less?/ equal?/ more?”
CONSISTENT? "test" > “Yes / No" = COMMENT

Instead of evaluating the FAIRNESS of “exchanging” SAME for DIFFERENT, this “pattern” focuses entirely on the “consistency of modifying” SAME into DIFFERENT; the Stone into a BENEFIT-bearing “Stone Tool”, for example …
Crucially, the “pattern” retains the “less?/ equal ?/ more?” - the Contextual Variables of which will perplex those who develop Technology just as much as they had sown discord amongst those trying to evaluate FAIRNESS …
WBut with Technology, there two key social distinctions -
First, Technology's Contextual Variables are immune to IDEOLOGY or cries of “UN-FAIRNESS” - the only “test” they recognise is “ consistency with the intended Function”.J And here, such “testing” can be performed immediately
just by USING a Product.
Should the “equal” of a Product prove “wrong”, then there's invariably some “less?/………/ more?” Contextual Variable that RECTIFIES that problem and the Purpose of any Industrial Revolution in any Universe is to find it for each Product.
WThe second distinction is MAGNITUDE.
It's not the visible achievement of Industrial Revolution which advances any Society. The glory of Technology is hidden backstage in the MAGNITUDE of evaluations it imposes on the intellectual faculties of LIFE - each day forcing it not just to COMMENT on a technical problem, but COMMENT on the “best” way of ensuring that such a “wrong” is never experienced again.
wIt is such evaluations multiplied in their millions then in billions, which will universally prepare the ground for a transition from the Era of IDEOLOGIES to the Era of DEMOCRACY…

Not that the transition will ever be trouble-free; “industrial exploitation”, the sorry convulsions of “nazism” and “communism” can't be unique to Earth.
But since no Technology can advance without FREEDOM to COMMENT on the “best” methods of rectifying its “wrongs” - it's the sheer MAGNITUDE of FREEDOM it depends upon which places in question the “rights” of denying that FREEDOM to a Society in the remaining, EMOTIVE Contexts.
And after the EMOTIONS behind the power of Aristocracy and Religion have been subjected to FREE COMMMENT, their bluff will universally be exposed and shoved aside by that very FREEDOM of COMMENT - DEMOCRACY .

The EXTENT of “same + different” is the essence of DEOMCRACY. Here, our
FREEDOM to COMMENT on the “same” IDEA from “different” and opposing vantage points, runs through the prism of “< less /………/ more >”, then duly diverges into the “least /………/………/………/ most” for every SOCIAL IDEA . Once the “least” and the “most” are translated as “No” and “Yes”, they give us a clear “numerical readout” on how a Society feels about the “aggregates of SOCIAL IDEAS” competing for the right to GOVERN it.
And technically, it's only natural that the full EXTENT of Reality should apply to the final expression of Social Existence – DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE…

“same + different”
“less / ………/ more”
an example; “58 % / ………/ 42%” of the VOTES

Where is the all-important “equal”? It's the “equal” of 1 VOTE with which we acknowledge the BENEFITS either already delivered or being promised to us by the competing Social Groups “specializing” in GOVERNANCE.
wWhat are the origins of this process on Earth? Rather inauspicious…
About two and a half thousand ago the Greeks had discovered a refinement to the then common form of punishment - “ostracism”. Whereas previously, a village chief might have ordered a miscreant away from the village for say, ten years after evaluating the intricate merit of “Yes” and “No” arguments, a day came when some individual - perhaps in a hurry, had a bright IDEA -
“Surely - such arguments must have ALREADY been fully evaluated by their proponents! Can't we just COUNT the “Yes” and “No”, then COMPARE their totalities and act accordingly?”
This was the seed, which the likes of Cleisthenes and Pericles later nurtured into what eventually became the glorious Athenian Democracy…
wIn any possible Universe, that is all that Reality can place at the disposal of
Linguistic LIFE;
a. “You may conduct the affairs of your Society within Descriptive Reality of “semantic approximations”, whose social BENEFIT can barely be discerned through a haze of “conceptual uncertainty” created by sophistry, conflicting ambitions, threats, recriminations and continually shifting alliances”
b. “After all is said and done, once the “Yes” and “No” arguments have been exhausted, you could move into the Proportional realm by aggregating them into two contradictory but INDISPUTABLE totalities of “less /………/ more”…
Then - assume that a numerical “more” reflects a “greater” BENEFIT to your Society”.
But even a monkey - given Language, could conclude that all is not well with Democracy. What is its generic LIMIT of improvement?
wOur Social Existence is actuated not by …………………………………………..
.…………………………………………………………………………………In the next
Chapter, we'll examine……………………… - the 2 nd Potential of Democracy.


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