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The inherent destiny of Social Existence in any Universe

Recall Life's billion-year long journey to LANGUAGE - a trip on metaphorical Buses # 1 to # 6 run by the "Evolution Bus Company" …


That last Bus had taken Perceptual Life towards first inkling of the "Future", the "concepts" of "Yes / No" and the command of Comparative Potentials of Reality - "same / different", "less / equal / more"…
The contention then was that should Perceptual Life additionally hitch a ride on Bus # 6 - TOOLMAKING, that trip would have remained inconsequential if it didn't lead to the "exchanges" of "Tools" for "non-Tools" preceded by the evaluations of their FAIRNESS…

Potential "exchange" of SAME for DIFFERENT = "less? / equal? / more?" > FAIR? = "Yes / No > "conceptual" COMMENT > linguistic COMMENT

When "consistently externalised" as Words - COMMENTS on the "fairness" of "exchanges" create the need for cognate Words to emerge, permanently keeping open a multi-lane highway to LANGUAGE…

Now whilst DEMOCRACY has already been touched upon, several of its key evolutionary aspects had to be omitted for reasons of brevity. Thus, it might be worthwhile to more comprehensively retrace Life's journey on "Evolution Bus Company" to its inevitable destination of DEMOCRACY.

Bus # 1 - LIFE.

Beyond the "same / different" and "least / less / equal / more / most " there is only the contextual NIL of "nothingness". Could those Potentials have given birth to LIFE?
Consider a known Proportional "inversion" determining the "bonds" within "permanent" and "conditional" chemical assemblies -
The "greater" the "internal complexity" of those assemblies - the "greater" the likelihood of "bonding" amongst them being "conditional", i.e. capable of being disassembled by some "Word sequences" from the vocabulary of "all possible chemical Word Potentials".
Since Life fulfils the Potential of "expanding" chemical Complexity within a single assembly, a quandary arises - does the Complexity of assembly ever "expand >" without a LIMIT?
wComplexity “expands” by extrapolating from even the “smallest” number of interdependent chemical statements the “largest” number of “different” but “self-referential sequences” dedicated to the “same” overall Potential; “Our aim is to “expand” the Complexity of our assembly indefinitely >”… That Potential also resides in sequence of Words; “we'll continually expand the Complexity of our assembly whilst maintaining its UNITY”.
Now look at the "functional difference" between two imperatives; "expand Complexity" and "maintain UNITY". Are they compatible with the overall aim of "expanding" that assembly's Complexity INDEFINITELY?

Suppose you've set out to randomly build continually "larger" assembly an indefinite number of times. Sooner or later, maybe a billion years later, some random but "self-limiting Word sequence" must end that process… Why?
wThe original sequences of chemical Words committed to the "same" aim - "increasing Complexity while maintaining the UNITY of the Whole", become overrun by the hordes of additional Word sequences describing "different" chemical agendas; "Yes, we'll increase the Complexity of the Whole, but its UNITY is none of our concern".
A kind of chemical Roman Empire adding new conquests destined to result in its eventual PARTITION…

Complexity can long thrive on "expanding" a vast vocabulary of Words and harnessing them into "different", specialised Functions - all dedicated to the "same" aim of EXPANSION > … But ultimately, it overplays its hand -

"Expand Complexity >>>>>>>>>>>> + X / + Y / + Z / + "divide the Whole"

The "greater" the Complexity of interdependent Word permutations within a Whole of Word Potentials, the "greater" the likelihood of a limiting sequence "divide the Whole" expressing itself "self-referentially".

Let's digress. The Mandelbrot Set is believed to fulfil the ultimate Potential of Numerical Complexity - apparently no algorithm of Mathematics can create a "more >" complex, "finite" structure...
Proportionally? Correct. Descriptively? No - its Complexity can momentarily be increased by "1 more" Descriptive instruction; "divide the Whole".

A self-evolved division of "conditionally bonded assembly" is the universal LIMIT to mechanistic Potential of Complexity… It's LIFE.
For Life, that LIMIT is expressed in randomly formed, but evidently effective Potential - "divide "sameness" into two "approximately equal Proportions", each retaining the "sameness" of "dividing" into two "approximately equal Proportions, each retaining the "sameness" of "dividing" into etc …>>>>>".
Here, the "approximation of equal" becomes a CATALYST of Evolution.
wAlthough the last several paragraphs may additionally be translated with an utmost exactitude into tongue-twisting Words of Biochemistry - both sets of Words only arise from the "same" Chemical Potentials.

The main Proportional and Descriptive aspects of Life's "divisions" can be displayed as the following "repetitive pattern"-

"………/ equal /………"

becomes -

"< less /………/ more >" + "< less /………/ more >"

Once this first "division" takes place - the Travails of Life had only started…
Since these two off-spring consist of 50 % of their progenitor's "Bio-mass", each must try restore itself to 100 %, as dictated by the "genetic sameness" with that progenitor. Given enough "repetition", some will find the way...
The real challenge comes further down the course of Evolution, for without its resolution Life's place in the Universe would have no significance -


Where do the BODIES of Life come from?
Yes, all the "functional" bits and pieces out of which "bodily Life"; from the "trilobites", to "fish", to "dinosaurs", etc…eventually "proto-humans" then "humans", has been put together by Evolution…
Shortly after Sexual Reproduction has arisen about billion years ago, Life's genetic complexity, physiological diversity and consequently, consumption of Energy have expanded at an unprecedented rate... And the source of that
Energy? In the main, the "Bio-mass" of other Life…
Since initially, Life's "Energy requirements" would only be replenished from "Bio-mass" occurring within its Environment randomly - it had to depend on the availability of that "Bio-mass" being "………/ equal to / more then" its on-going Energy consumption …

What about the perilous "less then /………/ ………"?
A problem - survive through the periods when "Bio-mass" cannot be found within your Environment in SUFFICIENT time …
Simple - keep saving a SURPLUS of "Bio-mass" next to your basic "cellular structure". Once that happens, you should survive that period by borrowing your on-going Energy needs from your own RESERVE…
That's how in a game of evolutionary poker "a three" of "less / equal / more" has beaten the Archetype of Life - "a pair" of "………/ equal / more".

Those first "accumulations of SURPLUS" provided the "repetitive patterns" from which all BODIES - culminating in our own, were subsequently to form.
wInitially, "Bodily masses" would grow only in Proportion to the SURPLUS "sensed" then "absorbed" at random from the "chemical envelope" of their Environment.
Once "bodily Movement" emerges, "chemical sensors" direct the Actions of Life to the source of SURPLUS. With "larger >" Environmental Volumes now being inspected for their SURPLUS-bearing Potential - "Bodily masses" can grow correspondingly "larger >".
Some half a billion years ago, the emergence of PERCEPTION pushed those “Bodily masses” over the next threshold of “enlargement” -
"Photo-chemical sensors" Life enable Life to discern the SURPLUS-bearing Potential at a Distance - within the Environment's three-dimensional depth… Eventually, this leads to the flesh-mountains of "sauropods", "brontosaurs" and the like…

Two million years ago, the “exchanges” of “Tools for “non-Tools” gave us the beginnings of Language, gradually introducing its individual users to a new three-dimensional SURPLUS-bearing Environment - the “remainder of Language users”.
With the development of Organized Agriculture ten millennia ago, the most eloquent translated their sole INTENT of; “Give me part of your Agricultural SURPLUS” into the IDEOLOGIES of Aristocracy and Religion.
This led to the establishment of “SURPLUS-administration” persisting until Modernity and without which any notions of “human civilization” become a historically “inconsistent” irrelevance.
wNow there is no shortage of individuals - some well meaning, others with axes to grind, who sombrely ask; “ What is the Purpose of Life ?”
This would-be profundity, which apparently treats “breakfast”, “lunch” and “dinner” as another way of passing the time, deserves a practical response;
“Stop EATING for some weeks and verily, you shall discover the Purpose of Life…”

The Purpose behind the Actions of Life - maintaining its "Bodily structures"
in SURPLUS, applies as much to its today's "social equivalents" as it would to the evolutionary process which secured a "cell's" Future by provisioning it with its initial "Reserve of SURPLUS" at the Dawn of Life.
wNot unlike a "Bodily structure", a COMMERCIAL structure of today has to maintain its on-going "Reserve of Surplus" - if it is to survive an unexpected or prolonged "less /………/ ………" period.
No "Reserve of Surplus" - Income "equals" the Cost of running a Business, and its commercial survival is as precarious as that of an "organism" whose "acquisition" of Energy could only "equal" its "consumption" of Energy - as it would have been the case with Life a billion years ago.
Whether it's a multi-billion corporation operating from plush offices across the globe or a motor repair shop in the middle of nowhere, this Constant will affect their "functional sameness" with an "equally" unforgiving impartiality.
wStrictly speaking, no... A corporation can conceal its "Surplus-deficiency" in a thicket of ingenious commercial contrivances and survive - if artificially, far longer than some "Joe's Motor Repairs". Ironically - this signals the next Bus of Evolution…

Bus # 3 - the INTENT of RESTRAINT

How do Descriptive and Proportional Realities combine as the first SOCIAL Potential - some archetypal development destined to provide the functional underpinning to Social Evolution and consequently, to all forms of eventual Social Existence?
Imagine yourself as a "fish" at an ocean's bottom anywhere in the Universe.
The predominant Purpose of your Life? Maintaining your "Bodily structure" in Energy SURPLUS…
Your survival hinges on successfully "performing" two "different, repetitive patterns" of "sameness". The first is finding "prey", the second is avoiding "predators"… Typically your "prey" will be "smaller" then your own "equal" and the "predators", "larger"…
wNow having just spotted a silhouette of "smaller" fish, you are darting at it with your jaws open - only to refrain at the last moment...
The Size is right, but your would-be "prey" just happened to be the "same" as an offspring of your "own species"…
Why not devour this tasty "smaller" kin? Apart from owing your "existence" to not having been devoured by the "larger" kin when you were young and "small", no reason whatsoever.
wA rudimentary scenario but by enacting it you had shown a working grasp of the dual basics of Reality...
At the Proportional level, you - a unit of the "equal", had proved capable of "performing" 2 "divergent conceptual intents" - "If smaller, then attack" and "If larger, then flee"…Ipso facto, the "prey" was "smaller".
To attack it, you had to form an intent of making the Distance in-between - a unit of the "equal", progressively "shorter >"… That intent briskly inverts to "longer >" whenever a "predator" is chasing you.
At the Descriptive level, your target's say, "gold and green stripe" revealed it to be "different" from "prey" but the "same" as the young of your species; causing you to DESIST…

However, since you have neither "attacked" your would-be "prey", nor "fled away" from it - some additional "Descriptive concept" must have interceded here… What was its universal Word Potential?
A few hundred million years in the Future, your unknown descendants on a planet's landmass could evolve Language and translate that "concept" into equivalent of our Word "RESTRAINT"; the precondition of Social Existence, its Morality and Ethics…
Universally, eloquent social opportunism shall attribute Morality and Ethics otherworldly origins - then BENEFIT by claiming to represent those origins.



Social Agendas are determined at the source of MONEY
paying for their implementation.


1. MONEY is the life-blood of Democracy .
Money - which after “exchange” and “Democracy”, is the most significant SOCIAL INVENTION which Life can originate any Universe.
Money - which in its archetypal form of “Stone Tools” had shown our most distant ancestors, Homo FABER – MERCANTILIS, the sole path to eventual “humanness”.
Money - which by linking “same + different” to “numerical” EQUIVALENCE of VALUE has converted the SURPLUS of Agriculture into Civilizations. Money - which subsequently merged “numerical” EQUIVALENCE of VALUE with Technological Innovations to give us the Industrial Revolution and the MODERN ERA…

It is Money that enables the Democracy's infrastructure to create a variety of competing Social Agendas and present them to the Electorates every few years at various levels of civil administration.
It is Money that establishes the bond of mutual obligation between a Donor and a Recipient - a bond far more predictable then the commitments of any ostensibly selfless IDEOLOGY…
wWhere should that Money come from - that's the only question…
Democracy is distorted when the Public - entranced by the sloganeering of the process, fails to grasp the link between Money and Life's indispensable instinct of RESTRAINT…
The most astute debates freely conducted in however fair election process relinquish their intellectual efficacy once their outcomes can be purchased, IN ADVANCE, by the “vested interests”.
Thus, whenever we despair at the disastrous effects which Violence-driven “dictatorships” are having on Societies, let us bear in mind that in a Donor-driven Democracy, the successful bidders are also its hidden “dictators”.

wIf Democracy is fully to serve the Public Good - its infrastructure of political Parties and Processes must first be funded by the RELEVANT DONOR; the Tax-generated consolidated revenue of the Public.

So if the sorry state of the Environment is our concern, we can't address it by attending talk-shops, hugging trees, filing lawsuits or lobbying present-day politicians.
wWe must organize and demand that the non-Public funding of Democracy
has to cease forthwith
If the multi-millionaires in control of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Insurance Rackets DISTORT the Public's Health Resources until our wallets bleed - no point in complaining…
wWe must organize and demand that the non-Public funding of Democracy
has to cease forthwith
If the essence of Life's survival - FOOD, is turning our Society into lumps of grotesquely rollicking flesh - someone has been paying Money for this bio-chemical sideshow to be permitted… How to put an end to it?
wWe must organize and demand that the non-Public funding of Democracy
has to cease forthwith
. Etc…etc…etc…

2. As long as we allow Democracy's Legal System to function as the means of COMMERCE instead of Justice, only our Legal Costs - not Rights, will be "equal before the Law".
As long as we allow that Legal System to defy the most pervasive Constant of Life - "specialization", it will keep dragooning all-comers to determine the "guilt" or "innocence" of the Potentially "guilty" or "innocent" with equally pervasive and often tragic futility.
As long as we allow that Legal System to gorge itself on Money that cannot be explained by any LAWFUL activity - rather then institute its confiscation, it will continue to demoralize our Law Enforcement agencies and perpetuate their gross corruptibility. Probably the hardest nut to crack, but the method still hasn't changed -
wWe must organize and demand that the non-Public funding of Democracy
has to cease forthwith

3. Our CIVLITY depends on the "amount of WORK" available for citizens of a Nation to "exchange" mutual BENEFITS within the Law.
Western Nations should stop fooling themselves that the current addiction to scouring the globe for the "highest BENEFIT" at the "lowest PRICE" isn't diminishing the "amount of WORK" available to their OWN citizens.

It's high time economic traitors of the West be asked to reflect on the “self-reference” inherent in purported BENEFIT of Globalization; “Why won't you offer YOUR OWN jobs to the “ lowest PRICE ” applicants across the world?”

4. Western Civilization has enjoyed the last two centuries of Modern Era by the grace of CRITICAL THINKING - an "intellectual outcome" of its Industrial
and Secular Revolutions.
However, whilst our Technologies advance unhindered - no effort is spared by Religions of the West to undo Secularism and revert to the currency that has maintained their gangster-like predecessors in authority throughout the darkness of Feudalism…
And nowhere is that yearning for the good old times now manifesting itself as defiantly as it does in United States - a Nation to whom, along with Great Britain, Western Civilization owes the last six decades of its Freedom.
wFreedom is an expression of social EMOTIONS. For millennia, it had been denied and fought for by social emotions… When won - Freedom can only be protected and passed to others by social emotions.
As long as the civil society of United States continues to slide towards an "Iranian model" of morality, it will be held to ridicule and eventually - held in "contempt" the rest of Western Civilization.
When leaders of the one Nation in History to which "greatness" applies are increasingly looked on by their Western peers as pious demagogues bereft of CRITICAL THINKING, it becomes more then an embarrassing anomaly in the broad sweep of American affairs…
Once the social emotion of "contempt" attaches to such leaders intuitively, then no matter how geo-politically justified their decisions, those decisions are viewed - and are instantly DISTORTED, through the lens of "contempt".
The result? A problem the West shouldn't additionally have to deal with if it is to deal EFFECTIVELY with the challenges ahead.

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